In Memory of

Wesley Tendrup

April 21, 1938 – March 30, 2014
Frederic, Wisconsin

Wesley Wayne Tendrup—son, brother, uncle, great-uncle, great-great-uncle, friend.

One of his cousins said, “Wes was one of the most generous men I have ever met.”

IN THE SERVICE: Wes entered the National Guard when he was 17. He was later discharged and enlisted in the Air Force. He successfully completed his General Educational Development on the high school level through the US Armed Forces Institute in Japan. A few of those included Electronics, Transportation of Hazardous Material (Air and Surface), and Chemical Warfare Defense training.
COMMENDATIONS: Wesley was honorably discharged Airman Second Class from the Air Force on May 17, 1965. He re-enlisted and later received a Certificate of Appreciation for Service in the Armed Forces of the United States which was signed by Richard Nixon, Commander-In-Chief. Sergeant Wesley Tendrup also received the Air Force Commendation Medal for meritorious service, and as Master Sergeant, the Meritorious Medal for outstanding noncombat meritorious service on November 23, 1988. He was officially retired on April 21, 1998 after having served 27 years, including 12 years in the National Guard. He was thought of highly, both in the service and at home.

ON THE HOME FRONT: Wes bought his first new car (a Saturn) when he was in his 60’s. Our mouths dropped open when he drove up, because the vehicles he previously had driven were held together with coat hangers and duct tape! He took very good care of it, but within the first month he was hauling scrap metal in the back seat! He enjoyed fixing things and often purchased items at auctions, repaired them and resold them at a better price. Wes often brought things to family that he thought we could use, and specially wrapped them…in newspaper and plastic bags. We always loved his gifts. He bought a crib for his first grandnephew for $4 which lasted through all the siblings. He loved giving gifts that were practical, and always gave of his time, and money. He never married but came close. He met his long-time girlfriend when he was in high school, but she married someone else when he was in the service. Wes helped take care of her later in life when she became ill until she passed away.

Wes lived simply. There was no running water, but he had fresh spring water on his property. The hard part was getting it in the middle of winter!

Some of his favorite sayings:
“What goes around, comes around.” “When my ship comes in, it will probably sink in the harbor!” (It didn’t, thankfully.) “In order to pass music class, my teacher told me I had to sing higher. To me, higher meant louder! She passed me just for trying.”
His commanding officer said of him, “Wesley has been a devoted and unselfish performer in the Air National Guard. He always brought to his job a cheerful disposition and a willingness to accomplish any task asked of him. [He is]…truly exceptional and would be an asset for you.”

At the last, he has given again as a donor. He was well-loved and respected…We miss him!

Loving sister, Nancy, and family.