In Memory of

Sheila Sayler

May 25, 1951 – May 13, 2016
Spring Park, Minnesota

They called you “Momma Bear” at work, that was learned after that day of the aneurysm.

She was known to have a sense of macabre Irish humor…

In being asked what she would want in the end…”If I am not here (on this Earth), go ahead and take it. (Her Earthly body)”

I believe you were dubbed Momma Bear because you listened to everyone. I think people wished they had a Mom like you. I did. We did.

I am so deeply humbled by your giving Mom. The way you were the listening ear, the compassionate friend, the inclusive person at any gathering, always the kind one in any room. You teach us that there is no possible way to over do kindness.

On that last walk with you in the hospital to give your living body to donation… We felt the hope Mom. It was such a gift to us in the grief of losing you on this terrestrial plain. It is our comfort as a family to know that this is what you wanted. You continue helping others even after your departure.

We will keep listening to you, talking to you and about you…we love you so much.

Sheila was and is Mother to Aimee, Aletta and Joseph. Married to the love of her life, Ricky. Beloved Sister, Aunt, Friend of many and also now Grandma of Caroline, Elena Jo and Betty.

Until we meet again, Your loving family