In Memory of

Paul Edward Johnson

May 27, 1941 – October 24, 2018
Brooklyn Park, Minnesota

Paul Johnson was born and raised in Deephaven, Minnesota. He graduated from the U of M and concentrated his interests in and around the community of his birth. He was a simple man with simple desires and tastes, but a man of great passion for his family and friends. He dedicated his life to his wife of 47 years, his two children and nine grandchildren. He had two outside interests that were near and dear to him. He loved bowling and developed the skill level to earn a place in the Minneapolis Bowling Hall of Fame. He was very proud of that accomplishment and mourned when he could no longer participate. His other great interest was the game of baseball and followed it avidly especially the Twins.

Paul was a designated organ donor for years and felt strongly about the concept of helping others if the occasion arose. When the life of a family member was saved, due to the supreme gift of an organ, the concept became REAL. Organ donation became a priority for Paul. When Paul entered into what would be the last procedures of his life, he specifically told anyone who would listen, “if anything happens, make sure my organs are donated”. We were not ready to say goodbye, but are so very grateful that Paul’s tissues were used to help others.

Rita K. Johnson