In Loving Memory

Nathan Walsh


Being an eye donor for research benefits countless people afflicted with eyes diseases.

Pictured here is Nathan. With grace and dignity he lived.

Soft-spoken and very gentle, Nathan had a strong love for life. He never wasted a minute and always wanted to do more but was also satisfied just staying at home watching movies. He loved history and loved to share what he knew with those who really listened. Says his mother, Shyvonne, “Many of his friends up to him and so did I.”

Nathan earned a network administration/analyst degree (and often spoke of continuing his education further). He had a quick wit and loved to make others laugh. He also loved to help selflessly anyone he could, despite the challenges he had with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.

Nathan played and loved adaptive soccer, and loved to sign all kinds of music — new and old. “The last song we sang together was “Hallelujah” from a few different artists”, remembers Shyvonne.

He enjoyed Marvel movies, comics, animae, gaming, and spending time with his online friends and also with his cousin. He also loved weekly meetings with his neighbor, having “guy nights” out at his house, watching movies and talking. Nathan also grew to be an artist and despite his weakness drew often until it became difficult and even drew up some amazing floor plans.

He never backed down from an opportunity, even when he was just learning how to handle life circumstances and situations. His grandfather taught him to be an advocate for himself and learned to handle all his needs and cares with a lot of dignity. He was a leader and a great role model to many. Nathan touched the lives of all those he met. Muscular Dystrophy Association gave him many great times at Camp Courage and his former neurologist gave him the opportunity to go to Disney as a child while he could still walk, and he cherished those times as well as outings with his mom, friends or family.

“Nathan really taught me to embrace patience, and love in many different ways so intensely in his life and in what we shared. Strength so strong, a bond so deep beyond measure… I am so overwhelmed he left me with undying love in my heart and soul and so much more. It is because of him, I live, endure and hang onto the memories.”

Nathan, My Hero** Forever in my heart and soul throughout eternity РLove Mom, Shyvonne Kodlowski