In Memory of

Margaret Leaf

June 13, 1954 – July 26, 2009
Orono, Minnesota

Margie was the best that could be asked for as a wife and mother. She always brought a smile to the people she interacted with. She always looked out for the less fortunate and stood up for them when she saw someone being treated unfairly.

Margie was always an inspiration to whomever she met. She inspired and brought the best out in people.

Margie inspired her children to help others, look out for others and be kind to others. She was an amazing mother. They are both successful adults thanks to the drive Margie put in their soul.

I was pushed to always shoot higher in life, career and thought. Any success I had can be somewhat attributed to Margie.

Margie loved taking winter trips with her family to Mexico. Some years; multiple trips. She would spend months on the computer investigating the smallest of details of the possible destinations. We always had great trips.

Margie was a skilled and empathetic Nurse Anesthetist for many years at Abbott Northwestern. She always had a smile for her patients and listened to their concerns in a calming affect.

She would love to talk politics… oh would she ever.

Thirty years into our marriage Margie decided it was time to get a dog. When Margie wanted something, she put all the gusto into getting it. We brought Eddie, our beloved dog, into the family. After 13 years he still is the binding connection we all have to Margie. We all know a dog gives nothing but unconditional love back to you but Eddie gives a bit more with a twinkle in his eye that shows Margie is still with us.

The pain of losing such a wonderful wife and mother will never cease, yet with the passing of each day, month and year it sometimes appears the pain is just a little less as we think about all the wonderful times and adventures we had with Margie.
The pain does always return but that can kind of be a nice thing because it displays the unbelievable strong bond that still exists between her and her husband and children. Margie’s final gift to this world was her organ donations. Other people now have the soul of Margie within her.

“Children and Mothers are never apart. Bound in the breathing of each others heart.”
Charlotte Gray

Dave, Sydney and Seth