In Memory of

Liz Buettner

March 16, 1957 – September 24, 2015
Plymouth, Minnesota

Liz was an amazing wife, mother and daughter. She was full of energy and would light up a room when she entered. She loved people and was loved by everyone she came in contact with. She was an encourager and often helped people who seemed to be down-and-out in their lives. Her desire was to be a Care Pastor giving comfort to those in need.
Liz grew up in a military family and moved around the country every 3 or 4 years. This helped her to become assertive and she made friends easily. She loved adventure and the experience of different environments.
She was talented in many areas. She loved to sing, and play and compose music. She loved to be involved in the worship team at the various churches we attended. She enjoyed gardening and even had a landscaping business for over 20 years called Busy Lizzie.
She loved animals of all kinds. I recall a story of when she, as a teenager, brought home a dog from the Humane Society unannounced. That dog, Pecan, ended up being one of the most cherished dogs her family owned.
Liz was fearless. I remember when she picked up a litter of racoons that were ravaging her garden. She made me hold the box while she carefully placed the racoons in the box.
I miss her tremendously, but I look forward to that glorious day when I will see her again in Eternity.

Liz’s greatest desire in life to was to know and to be known by her heavenly Father. She loved others and was loved by so many here on earth because the love of her heavenly Father transformed her.

Your loving husband, Michael