In Memory of

Kimball Service

January 24, 1946 – September 27, 2015
Minnetonka, Minnesota

Kimball Service was a wonderful man. He was kind, loving, spiritual, patient and compassionate. Throughout his years, he raised a family who cared for him deeply and loved him immensely. Kimball was always eager to learn and explore – a trait many of us lose as we grow up and become almost repetitive in our lives. He appreciated the quirkiness in people – the street poets and musicians, the artists who fill the world with love and hope, the people down on their luck and needing a helpful hand or an attentive ear. He took time to appreciate the beauty in silence and the wonder of the world all around him. His family and friends loved his booming laughter, his wide, warm embrace and his tender heart. It is great knowing that even in death (or as he liked to call it, his “transition”) he was able to help people in need. Kimball would’ve smiled at that.
Every day his two sons Spencer & Bradley miss him dearly. They are reassured through every person Kimball knew that he was a funny, gentle and unique man. They happily carry on his legacy and his teachings, his hugs and his laughter, sharing love and kindness with those around them.
Their father’s spiritual center always had a saying, a neat little bow that would be the cap to a loving and hopeful service. A way to signify the oneness in the world and a way to recognize our place in it all. A way to feel comforted by the cosmos and have a sense of purpose. A way to be with your loved ones, no matter how near or far.
Just a few simple words: And so it is.
“I spent some time taking it all in, the grand vista of the Great Basin, the play of light and shadow, of warmth and coolness, of timelessness and the ever present here-and-now. I was at one with the world, and I said to myself, ‘It Is, I Am,’ and felt the truth of all, accepting all, releasing all and grateful for all. It was the start of a good day, and so it remains, the start to a good day.” – Kimball Service

Kimball was a spectacular, loving man to many people and he will never be forgotten by anyone whose life he touched.

Lovingly, your sons Bradley & Spencer Service