In Memory of

Jeff Pouliot

August 3, 1972 – October 17, 2006
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Jeff was born with a sunny disposition. Although he had many challenges along the way he remained a happy-go-lucky guy who loved life, was funny and friendly, and known for a having a kind heart. He was the nice guy you just couldn’t help but like. He loved his family and friends, heavy metal music, live concerts, the TWINS, the WILD and fishing, always hoping to catch the elusive, “big one”.
True to his generous nature, Jeff was able to help 42 people with his donation. Five organs were successfully transplanted, giving a Minnesota man new life with his heart and another freedom from lifelong diabetes and dialysis with his kidney and pancreas. With both his corneas and 37 tissues, he improved the lives of people ages 16-82 from 14 states and even in one foreign country!
Jeff’s fun loving nature will always be missed by those who knew him and remembered as someone who LIVED LIFE TO THE FULLEST!


Missing you always, your family and friends