In Loving Memory

Jason The Dude James Lee

May 10, 1982 – January 31, 2019
Zimmerman , Minnesota

Jason was his name,but anyone that truly knew him called him The Dude because that’s who he was. The man with a personality larger than life! He made an impact on everyone that he ever encountered and left a great imprint in the world before he was taken away from us too soon!
The Dude lived a simple life filled with love and family. He loved to go to work and took pride in it. He loved music and movies and could name a song within 2 notes and quote a whole movie word for word! He lived to be the center of attention and make people feel good. He was definitely a character and a major prankster to the fullest!
We miss him dearly, but take solace in the fact that he was able to help 2 other individuals live on. He was always the ladies man, even in death! I hope they know that he had a wonderfully positive energy and I hope it flows through them with his precious gifts to them!

Jason The Dude James Lee was the glue to the family and the loss of his physical presence could never be replaced, but he lives on always in everyone’s heart and memories!

Your spirit and memory will always be with us all!