In Memory of

Ellen Blackwell

Robbinsdale, Minnesota

Ellen was a donor. She wanted whatever part of her that could be used, to be donated. Because of all her illnesses and prescriptions she could only donate her corneas. She would be proud of that.

She was a hero to many people, not just the donation of her corneas.

She was a big woman with a heart as big as she was.
She spent a lot of time in the hospital with pneumonia and she needed to go to Rehabilitation at a care facility to get her strength back after weeks on her back. At one facility, she met a couple of women with Alzheimer’s disease who carried around naked baby dolls. She purchased baby clothes for those ladies to dress their dolls in, out of her very short funds.
She made friends wherever she was. Neighbors at her High Rise, nurses at all the hospitals that she had been in, kids in the neighborhood where she grew up.

She loved to fish, loved dogs, cats and horses. She had a large collection of horse statuettes and posters of animals in her apartment. She loved to draw and create.
What I learned from Ellen, who was my youngest sister, was to live in the moment.
She was #8 in our family, one of 4 sisters. She had 4 older brothers and 4 younger brothers. She was much loved.
In her memory I am a donor.

On behalf of Ellen's family, her sister Bea Mount