In Memory of

Elizabeth Bensen

October 23, 1964 – March 31, 2005
Maple Grove, Minnesota

Elizabeth, “E” as many of us knew her by, always signed her name followed by a smiley face. Now when I see a smiley face I am filled with the joy of knowing what a gift I had with her being my daughter.

E’s favorite quote was “this to shall pass”. Now I see how it helped her find joy and excitement in life. Losing E has been my life’s biggest challenge.

Elizabeth’s beautiful blue eyes saw the world with joy and caring. As I met many of her friends they all told me “I was Elizabeth’s best friend”. How can one person make so many different people feel so special? It was her spirit. Her spirit that I hope her organ recipients can feel within them.

Whatever Elizabeth did she did well. She was a great daughter, sister, wife, mother and friend. She taught herself to play the piano so she could play at a friends wedding. She played the viola and French Horn. She quilted, beaded, sewed, painted ceramics and any new craft she took a liking too. The best part is I always got at least one of whatever her new craft was and I still treasure many of them. Elizabeth encouraged me to take downhill ski lessons with her. A year after our lessons the young ski instructor saw us on the slopes again. He skied over, said hello, and requested we not tell anybody he gave us ski lessons. That was enough to keep us laughing a long time.

Elizabeth and I had the opportunity to take a months vacation to Australia and Hawaii 5 months before she passed. What an amazing adventure that was and what a wonderful humorous memory. We laughed so hard and had such meaningful conversations. That trip truly truly was a gift.

As a child Elizabeth was my right hand. She was very responsible and cared for her younger brother, Jay, who gave her the nickname “E”. As children they created numerous performances for me to enjoy their creativity. The two of them had a great relationship and when he married and was going to live in Washington she cried cause he would be so far from her. At his wedding, Elizabeth presented Jay with a very humorous story of how his childhood art projects were going to be of value in the future.

E gave of herself to many without asking for anything in return. And what did she do when she passed? Donated her organs so others may have a better life. I wouldn’t expect anything else from her. Elizabeth had a beautiful spirit. May her recipients be blessed knowing they are caring for this awesome spirit.

Words don’t do feelings justice. Love you Mom