Dackotah Montgomery

November 7, 1995 – November 14, 2013
LeSueur, Minnesota

Dackotah was a fun loving big sister, daughter, grand daughter, and niece. She loved hanging around her brother and sister. Dackotah also loved helping others when she wasn’t working. She taught us to live life to the fullest. When she got her license it was her decision to become a donor, we miss her like crazy but she lives on through others. With her organ donation she was able to save many lives from ages 15 through 64. She donated both her kidneys, right lung, liver, heart, and tissue. Her beautiful blue eyes went to a scientist.
We have met one of her recipients that is doing very well, my hope for all the others is that they are doing well also and living their life to the fullest as Dackotah would.

Live life to the fullest