In Memory of

Alexavier Horne

August 9, 1999 – July 17, 2017
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Alexavier De’Vante Horne was nicknamed “Zay” and was the youngest sibling of 6 and passed away from what is called Active Myocarditis where the red blood cells attack the muscles of the heart which can cause instant death.

“Zay, life with you not here is hard to live day by day, we strive to take the things that happen in life easy and try to live life without you the best way we can.”

Zay was a child filled full of love and had honor and respect for his family. Everyone that came in contact with Zay said that there was something special about him, because when he conversed with people they instantly grew a liking to him.

As a father, Zay said that I was the greatest dad in the whole wide world, but in all actuality Alexavier was the greatest and was my hero in so many ways.

As a mother I can only say that he was the best child that parents could ask for and I miss the love that he showed me every day.

Alexavier at the age of 17 years old had grown to be about 6 feet 3 inches tall and was a gentle giant that really love his 20 nephews and nieces. We now honor Alexavier on the weekend of his birthday (August 9th) for a celebration of life called “Zay Days” full of fun and much love and happiness.

Zay was a very quiet person but had a big heart and A very calming spirit. He seemed to always get into situation that involved helping and protecting others. He love to play his PlayStation, traveling, swimming and fishing.

We hope that his donation will help someone and Alexavier will live on with and through them. Our family will always love and miss our son, brother, uncle and friend dearly.

Alex and Eula Horne