Beautiful from the inside out, this wonderful mother to two beautiful children was loved by many. Destiny was a fun-loving, caring, energetic, and strong woman that had a heart of gold and a smile that would touch anyone’s heart. Her love of mud & guns brought so much love and joy to her dad it was like she was his partner in crime.
Her love of beauty and dresses brought tears to her mom eyes knowing her lil’ princess was growing up into this perfect lil’ lady that was going to be the best mom in the world.

Destiny’s boyfriend Jon lit a fire in her that made her glow like no other. Jon and Destiny ventured the world together, raising two beautiful children; a son Dustin, who is a strong young man that is ready to take on the world, and a daughter Rémi, that made everyone smile with joy and happiness. Rémi made the choice to join her mom in heaven, as much and we all wanted to her stay.

Destiny had 3 brothers and 3 sisters, many aunties, uncles, nieces, nephews, cousins and friends that all cared for her, loved her and knew she was ready to take on the world with Jon and the kids. Some may believe that a hero is a crime fighter, with gadgets and gizmos or a cape, but Destiny is a true hero for providing the gift of life to others. It is her family’s hope that Destiny’s passion for life continues within each of you and grows to help to this world become a better place. Forever may she live on.

Tristan Miller age 19. Tristan lived life on a whim, wide open, had a huge heart and an even better smile. He was very free spirited, loyal and strong willed person who was just figuring out life. He is greatly missed by all of those who knew him, because his presence was undeniable.

Mother, Partner, Daughter, Provider, Caregiver. Forever loved and cherished. She was a force to not be reckoned with – just like her Mother. She opened her heart and soul to all who met her. Even with her hardships and struggles, she always kept her head held high. She was an amazing Mother who loved, cared and protected all around her. She will never be lost or forgotten. She will always follow us all forever and always. With her donations to help and save others; her strength and strive will come with every donation. So every piece of her that can be shared, spreads all the hope and feelings all around. Even though she deserved the world, she was still happy with what we had.

Sheila was always there for her family and friends. She was happiest when she was able to help and support those in need. By doing the right thing, she showed us the way. She followed her conscience and didn’t worry about what others thought. Sheila’s donation was a shining example of her belief that taking care of others is what is important. We will always be grateful for her presence in our lives.

Norma was a wonderful wife, mother, friend, and neighbor, always doing kind things for other people. She loved gardening, animals, cooking and baking, family dinners, and reading. Norma had a very positive outlook due to her strong faith and she left the world a better place! Her example of how to live life was a lasting gift. We will always love her, miss her, and enjoy our many great memories of her.

Bill was born in Cleveland, Ohio on August 29, 1929 and grew up in Beloit, WI and Fort Wayne, IN. He graduated from the College of Wooster, Union Seminary and Harvard Divinity School. He was a child of the Church—he sang its hymns with gusto and in harmony; he preached the gospel of radical inclusion, abundant love, and life which is always stronger than death; and he lived every day out of his faith. But he was an uncommon pastor. He believed that his beloved United Church of Christ was always choosing between being a movement and an institution– and being a movement was usually more faithful. He lived and worked in the East Harlem Protestant Parish, focusing on economic and racial justice. He worked in Roxbury in Boston and the West Side of Cleveland, living in community and practicing radical solidarity. One of his proudest accomplishments was helping to found St. Paul’s Community Church in the heart of Cleveland’s inner city. Based on this experience, he taught community organizing as faithful practice and wrote a book on inner city ministry. Especially as he served as an Association Minister in Ohio and Chicago, he understood his faith to best be practiced when he used his power as an ally—in helping women, people of color and LGBT people gain leadership in the church; in advocating for the just treatment of Puerto Rican nationalists who were imprisoned; and in helping to create “God’s Commonwealth” as he described it in the hymn he wrote, “The City with Foundations.”

But he never let his passions make him insufferable. He was an avid baseball and football fan. He never missed an opportunity to do a myriad of crossword puzzles. He sang in many choirs and ensembles. He loved beauty in many forms—art, music, and the written word. And, perhaps most importantly, he had a lifelong love affair with sailing. He started with a small jerry-rigged boat as a young man and took every opportunity to be out on the water– feeling the wind and finding that sweet-spot between letting the wind carry him and having a steady hand on the tiller.

Theresa loved to read, she still checked out books at the library. She found joy in putzing around the house, always finding a project to do (and seldom finished one). She would spend hours on the telephone and loved having deep, heartfelt conversations with family. She loved music, mainly country with Charley Pride, Don Williams & Martina McBride being some of her absolute favorites. She would sing around the house to the radio and loved watching RFD TV. As she became more comfortable with technology, she became addicted to YouTube and Wikipedia, constantly googling musicians, actors and singers. She loved to play Bingo Blitz on Facebook and often messaged family and friends. Theresa had many jobs through the years, but her most prominent and fulfilling one was working with her husband, Dan. Together they built other people’s homes, creating friendships with their clients & taking pride in their craftsmanship.

To say that Theresa was family orientated would be an understatement. Her family was her life. She was protective of her family and was always checking up on her kids. She instilled many things in her children’s lives and was adamant that they had respect for others and had pride in all they did. Theresa was a loving, caring, genuine, sincere and fun person. She would make time for anyone and would go out of her way to make you feel special & important. She was always looking out for other’s interests and was a very giving soul. So much so, that in her death she gave others life through organ, eye & tissue donation. Her kind spirit will live on in 60 tissue recipients, 4 organ recipients & 2 cornea recipients.

Being an eye donor for research benefits countless people afflicted with eyes diseases.

Pictured here is Nathan. With grace and dignity he lived.

Soft-spoken and very gentle, Nathan had a strong love for life. He never wasted a minute and always wanted to do more but was also satisfied just staying at home watching movies. He loved history and loved to share what he knew with those who really listened. Says his mother, Shyvonne, “Many of his friends up to him and so did I.”

Nathan earned a network administration/analyst degree (and often spoke of continuing his education further). He had a quick wit and loved to make others laugh. He also loved to help selflessly anyone he could, despite the challenges he had with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.

Nathan played and loved adaptive soccer, and loved to sign all kinds of music — new and old. “The last song we sang together was “Hallelujah” from a few different artists”, remembers Shyvonne.

He enjoyed Marvel movies, comics, animae, gaming, and spending time with his online friends and also with his cousin. He also loved weekly meetings with his neighbor, having “guy nights” out at his house, watching movies and talking. Nathan also grew to be an artist and despite his weakness drew often until it became difficult and even drew up some amazing floor plans.

He never backed down from an opportunity, even when he was just learning how to handle life circumstances and situations. His grandfather taught him to be an advocate for himself and learned to handle all his needs and cares with a lot of dignity. He was a leader and a great role model to many. Nathan touched the lives of all those he met. Muscular Dystrophy Association gave him many great times at Camp Courage and his former neurologist gave him the opportunity to go to Disney as a child while he could still walk, and he cherished those times as well as outings with his mom, friends or family.

“Nathan really taught me to embrace patience, and love in many different ways so intensely in his life and in what we shared. Strength so strong, a bond so deep beyond measure… I am so overwhelmed he left me with undying love in my heart and soul and so much more. It is because of him, I live, endure and hang onto the memories.”

Nathan, My Hero** Forever in my heart and soul throughout eternity – Love Mom, Shyvonne Kodlowski 

Davis Minar was a generous, personable and intelligent young man with a quick wit and a wonderful sense of humor who always had a kind word and smile for all he met. He was very athletic and played football his whole life. He also enjoyed hiking, biking, snowmobiling trips, time at the lake, hanging with friends and spending time with his buddy, his dog, Hershey. Davis was a Boy Scout and member of Order of the Arrow, who loved high adventure and thought about a career in the military, law enforcement or the trades. He always left a positive, memorable impression on anyone he met.

Irene Elizabeth Franzen, was also known as “Nana”. She was the most loving and giving person. All her life goals involved helping people. She enriched so many young lives by serving as an elementary school teacher for 33 years. Family was the most important thing to Nana and was so supportive to all family members. She would give so much of herself and expect nothing in return. She worked very hard for her accomplishments and never took anything for granted. She believed in medical research and would be honored knowing she donated her eyes to help someone else. Nana loved traveling in her trailer with the love of her life, husband Herbert Franzen. She also enjoyed gardening, bakers square pitas but most of all, being among family and friends. She cherished her daughter, grand daughters and great grand children. Nana was famous for making her noodle dish and pecan pies. She had so much energy, even at the age of 84 before a brain aneurysm took her life. Nana will always be missed and in our hearts forever. ❤️