Peter was born on March 27, 1944, in Ansonia, Ct and passed away too soon and suddenly, with a life well-lived, on June 12, 2015. Peter last resided in Orono, MN with his loving wife, Joan. He filled his golden years sharing big moments with Joan (cruises across the Atlantic, trips near and far) as well as small (Sunday morning breakfasts, errands that turned into dates). He loved going to lunch and activities with his son Luke, exploring the farther-away stomping grounds of his son Mark, and taking in the games and recitals of his grandchildren Emma and Parker with his son John Kennedy and daughter-in-law Robin. A trained chef, Peter loved to cook and turned that passion into a profession. He retired as a director of delis serving both the Midwest and the East Coast. In addition to his wife, children, and grandchildren, Peter is deeply missed by his brother Joe DeFelice, and many other relatives and friends.